Friday, March 13, 2015

The Care and Feeding of Your Man-Creature

Good morrow, gynocrats! Today, I wanted to gift you with a handy how-to guide for those of us feminazis who have not yet forsaken the dalliances of intimacy with the male specimen. This guide will instruct the pragmatic feminist on how to properly train her manimal so as to cleanse him of all offending masculinity, and have him rightfully acquiesce to your needs and desires. Follow these five easy steps carefully and with an ever-vigilant eye, and I guarantee satisfaction in your endeavors with the inferior sex.

1. Move In

Are you living together? If not, move in immediately. He has to know that his space is now YOUR space, and that he's just lucky that you allow him to experience the divine femininity of your presence.

2. Purge Area of Maleness

Once you've taken over his space, do everything you can to cleanse the area of any signs that a creature possessing dangling reproductive organs has resided there. Replace all food items such as bacon, steak, cheez whiz, potato chips, and any other edible that has been deemed profane by the Goddess, and replace them with low-fat organic yogurt, vegan whole-grain bread, and lightly-salted kale chips. Take all of his aptly-named "wife-beaters", t-shirts, ripped jeans, and sports jerseys, and burn them. Allowing a man to wear these clothes is essentially permitting him to think it's alright to make choices for himself that aren't female-oriented. Don't worry about where he'll get new clothes; that's not your problem. He needs to understand you won't be his caretaker, and that he must acquire Goddess-approved wardrobe on his own time and dime.

3. Restrict Access to Monetary Assets

If you haven't already opened a joint bank with your pet male, I strongly encourage you to do so. Make him understand that any money he manages to acquire is yours first, and that he may request some if he needs to buy anything. If he has behaved himself and acts appropriately for a reasonable amount of time, you may find it acceptable to gift him with an allowance, however, you will want to carefully monitor his purchases, and perhaps even chaperon him when able; you don't want him bringing any contraband movies, food, music, etc., into your freshly feminized space!

4. Sex is a Tool For Submission

When it comes to intimacy, it's very important to train your male to please you, and not to expect anything from you in return. Expecting mutual pleasure is a clear sign that he is a rapist at heart, and needs to be re-trained. Your needs are priority, as the Goddess smiles only on the female orgasm. Give him only enough sexual attention to keep him frustrated. Men, who aren't the best at rational thinking even when not aroused, become completely incapable of acting in a logical manner when presented with the holy altar of the female form. You will find that keeping him in this constant state of confusion and sexual obsession will make your job of keeping him in his place much easier.

5. Stifle Free Will

The more your creature understands that he is of inferior intellect and that he should not be making decisions on his own, the happier the both of your will be. Over time, he should learn to anticipate your wishes, but never allow him to act independently of you. You may find it helpful to draft up a list of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, with punishments and rewards listed for each. As lacking in intelligence as the human male usually is, they are actually very quick to learn from their female masters, as this is their natural place in life. The sooner he gives up thinking for himself, the more satisfied and fulfilled you'll both feel in your relationship.

That's all for now ladies! Keep fighting the fight, and recognize your rightful place as a member of the Master Gender.

All hail the Gynocracy!


The Psychotic Feminist

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pussywhipping a Catcaller

Good afternoon, Feminazi army! I'd like to share with my fellow gynocrats a chance encounter I had with a FILTHY PIG-MONKE--Ahem, with a man on the street. I was just walking down the street to my vaginal weight-lifting class when a male human called out to me--and not in a decent, Goddess-fearing feminine way, either. He made the most vile sounding whistle I've ever heard emerge from the lips of a humanoid. I bet he thought I'd just walk on by, maybe give him the finger, and continue on my way. No such luck, disgusting penis-wielder! I went straight up to him, pulled my sledgehammer out of its secure location in my Femanarchy backpack, and bashed him in his crotch repeatedly before he even knew what happened. I screamed, "Who's the bitch now, bitch?! ALL HAIL THE GYNOCRACY!" as I fled toward my vagina gym, cackling with glee as I ran. What a successful moment for this proud Feminazi! I hope all of you may be inspired by my example, and show these cock-monsters that there are consequences for their oppressive behavior.


Your sister in the struggle,

The Psychotic Feminist